Aaron Vending of Dallas Ft. Worth

The machines shown below are the models and styles we typically have in our inventory (exact graphics and designs may vary from machine to machine).    

The factory dimensions for each model class are listed below, but as a general guideline, the space required for almost all is approx one square yard of floor space and all will operate on a standard 110V electical outlet.


All of our machines are Energy rated..however, the power required to run a snack vending machine is miniscule since aside from the interior light (which can be switched off if desired) or scrolling LED display it uses no energy until a product is vended.  The drink and frozen food machines require a bit more obviously, but since the cabinet door is always shut (thus no cold air is escaping from constantly being opened..like a home fridge) and the machines are commercially insulated it draws much less energy than the refrigerator or freezer in most homes.  Most businesses with over 1000 sq ft or more of space do not even notice an increase in their monthly bill. 


  • FastCorp 631/820
  • Multi-price slections
  • 72" H x 37 W x 34 D
  • Dollar bill vaildated
  • MDB mechanized
  • flat front
  • 12 selecltions
  • 300-400 items
  Model 600E
  •   Multi-price selections 
  •   79" H x 38" W x 35" D 
  •   Dollar bill validated 
  •   MDB mechanized 
  •   Curved front
  •   9 selections
  •   220 to 350 items (botls) up to 600 (cans) 
       Model 167 (6 shelves)
  •    Multi-price
  •    72" H x 38" W x 35" D 
  •    Dollar bill validated
  •    MDB mechanized 
  •    5 wide snack machine
  •    35 to 40 selections
  •    300 to 400 items